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Who We Were

The Veld Group is a full-service Business Brokerage, Mergers and Acquisitions, Valuations and Consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California, with an additional presence in San Diego, Las Vegas, and Tokyo, Japan. The Veld Group was established in 1976 by Jacob Wildeveld and his daughter-in-law, Mary Wildeveld as a small, family oriented Nevada based real estate and consulting firm. During these early days of Las Vegas’ explosive growth phase, Jacob focused on commercial real estate acquisitions and investments, while Mary focused on property management and commercial leasing. In 1986, this loosely organized operation’s suite of services grew to include residential project development and time-share sales.

L-R) AJ, Jacob and Michael Wildeveld

The next phase of The Veld Group’s growth occurred between 1996 and 1999, when Jacob’s grandson, Michael Wildeveld, brought Veld Consulting to Southern California. Veld Consulting offered private mid-market clients (those with $5.0 million to $100 million in revenues) a unique retainer-based Board of Directory style advisory service that was administered by The Veld Group, and carried out via a team of over 140 consulting professionals. Veld Consulting offered its clients full-scale engagements in the areas of Corporate Strategy (growth strategy development and implementation, industry analysis, competitive analysis, value-chain analysis, corporate recovery), Marketing (brand building, pricing strategy, competitive analysis, new product development, distribution strategy, advertising analysis), Operations (efficiency studies, controls assessments), and Finance (audit, budgeting, financial analysis, capital appropriation, metrics and scorecard development, ratio analysis, valuations). Veld Consulting differentiated itself via its unique revenue model, the breadth of services it offered, and most importantly, its insistence on participation in the implementation of its recommendations. Though not in its target client base, Veld Consulting’s most notable clients included Jordan’s Queen Noor (business plan, brand building, economic development), El Salvador’s Ministry of Finance (brand building, economic development), The Landmine Survivor’s Network (a Nobel Price winning non-profit organization – growth strategy, brand building), and Fred Alger Management (business planning).


Who We Are

Mr. Ryan Clark, a seasoned Sales and Marketing expert and childhood friend of the Wildeveld family, joined Veld Consulting in 1999. Mr. Clark was instrumental in paring down the organization’s size and service offering, while simultaneously developing a sales force that focused on the firm’s most marketable consulting products – Business Valuations and Business Plan development. Veld Consulting’s success with these products led to its merger with San Diego based Integrity Valuations and Business Consulting in 2002, and the birth of Veld Valuations. Integrity Valuations, which also included an accounting practice that managed the investment and financial divisions for some of San Diego’s most successful hospitality venues (including the Side Bar, Stingaree and Confidential Restaurant and Loft), was led by Mr. Robert A. Rodriguez, C.P.A., another close childhood friend of the Wildeveld’s and Ryan Clark.

With the addition of Mr. Rodriguez, whose accounting and consulting experience included the management of syndicated investment groups, Veld Valuation created the “Mini-Valuation” and the “Preliminary Estimate of Value.” These abbreviated valuations were offered for less than $3,500 and positioned to eliminate the costly valuations marketed by questionable competing companies. With the firm’s experience and market expertise, Veld Valuation introduced its expert testimony services to the courts, and developed a niche for defending business owner’s property and business values in eminent domain matters. In late 2003, The Veld Group realized that many of its clients, who had engaged The Veld Group for consulting and valuation projects, were reporting that they had put their business on the market with a traditional business brokerage or mergers and acquisitions firm only to have it remain on the market for years, sell for a fraction of its fair market value, or not sell at all. The Veld Group’s senior staff recognized that there was a significant unmet market need in the Mid-Market Mergers and Acquisitions Industry and Business Brokerage Industry (which caters to the sales of ‘Main Street’ businesses, or those companies that typically generate less than $5.0 ml. in revenues). The Veld Group utilized its consulting expertise and conducted an unprecedented industry analysis that identified the industry’s shortcomings and developed a business plan to remedy the substantial flaws in each industry’s traditional business models.

With a significant pre-existing mid-market client base already in place, and professional staff that was largely comprised of consultants, accountants, attorneys, as well as former mergers and acquisitions specialists and investment bankers, The Veld Group obtained its brokerage license and returned it to its commercial real estate roots. The Veld Group established an immediate presence in several core mid-market industries, with several notable ‘done deals’ to boast of within a few years:

Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution

• Otra Beer, Don Pedro Meats, Allen Wertz Candies, Crown City Confections, Hollywood Chocolatier, Jim Terry Chocolates, Golda and I Chocolates, Vitabuys Vitamins, Iwasaki Images of America, Yours Hakucho Produce Distribution

Manufacturing (with patented technology or intellectual property rights)

• Pathfinder Technology, Kool Fog Engineering, JEC Integration, the Hair Design Center, Rainbow Retainers, Wiz Communications, Promise Technologies, Horita Scientific Equipment, Chubby Chassis

Non-Perishable Manufacturing and Distribution

• Uncle Mike Surfboards, Sugarmill Glass Company, California Cleaning Supply, Connetquot West, Down to Earth Furniture, Caskets for Less

Commercial Printing, Direct Mail and Publishing – Service and Manufacturing

• Executive Lithograph, The Mail Center, Inland Presort, Trans-Caucus Mail, Printing and Shipping, Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Star Signs International

Clothing Manufacturing and Distribution

• Malini Lingerie, Off Melrose, Madison Blu Clothing

Transportation Services

• Shalimar Tours and Charters, Onyx Transportation, Lion Transportation, Interstate Pumping, AAA Limousine Service

(L-R) “The Gals” are Eva Leone – Sales; Natalie Kalisewski – Sales; Doreen Jackson – P.R.; Victoria Beckett – Reception; Judy Masterana – Office Mgr.; Susan Vetter – Marketing Dir.

During the same period in which the firm experienced explosive growth in its core industry segments, nearly all of which centered on manufacturing, Michael Wildeveld purchased a tanning salon as a passive income generator for his mother. Though he had no industry experience, Michael conducted a study of the indoor tanning industry, appreciated the simplistic business model and recognized that the industry’s dynamics made it ripe for consolidation due to the economies of scale that existed in marketing, equipment and retail product purchasing. Once it acquired first hand knowledge of the mechanics of operating a successful salon, The Veld Group developed best practices formulas for success and began to ‘turn-round’ failing salons (as it had previously done with distressed print shops).

The Veld Group soon became entrenched in the fragmented indoor tanning industry. While the firm sought to engage in an industry roll-up, it realized that it should avoid a channel conflict within its brokerage practice’s client base and remain focused on its fundamental activities. Instead, The Veld Group coupled its industry knowledge with its brokerage expertise and assisted buyers in creating many of California’s largest indoor tanning chains via acquisition. As of March 2008, The Veld Group had sold 150 indoor tanning salons (in 7 states and 3 countries) representing over $25 million in transaction value. The Veld Group has also been responsible for expanding the Unique Tan chain from a four salon chain to a twelve salon operation stretching from Santa Barbara to Orange County, assisted Darque Tan (the largest nationwide private salon chain with 85 locations) in expanding from 2 to 8 Southern California locations, and recently helped Palm Beach Tan (the largest nationwide indoor tanning franchisor) enter the California market by placing one of their franchisee’s into a formidable 8 salon chain. True to its consulting background, The Veld Group has also been called in as consultants on many industry projects, including sell side consultancy on a 52 location sale to a national franchisor, and is a regular attendant or presenter at annual industry events.

While conventional wisdom would suggest that The Veld Group took an irregular step backwards by intentionally moving “down-market” into main street business sales, the firm found the exact opposite to be the case. Michael Wildeveld notes “when we sell a $15 million manufacturing firm, the Seller’s and Buyer’s Counsel, Chief Financial Officers and Accountants become instrumental in the process, and the Broker providing sell-side advisory becomes more of a referee ‘quarterbacking’ the sale, rather an active manufacturer of it. The strategic components certainly exist, however, they are distributed among a number of segregated, and often disinterested, specialists. When we’re creating a new chain of main street businesses, or helping an owner take their business to the next level via acquisition, we’re fully engaged in a consulting role authoring (formally or informally) and implementing a business plan. Our role becomes that of advisor, negotiator and psychologist – oftentimes for both the buyer and seller (though we almost always only represent sellers to avoid being conflicted in our duties). While we leveraged our prior skill sets in real estate, investment banking and mergers and acquisitions to return to the brokerage industry in 2003, we are still a consulting firm at heart.” Much as had occurred in the Food and Beverage Manufacturing and Distribution, Commercial Printing industries, and later the Indoor Tanning Industries The Veld Group came to also take a dominant position in Day Spa and Medical Spa brokerage, as well as fitness center brokerage, due to the complementary nature of their buyer pool, revenue models, and location attributes.

(L-R) The Veld Group Team – “The Guys” include Chris Kalisewski – IT Mgr.; Michael Wildeveld -Managing Dir.; Ryan Clark – Nat’l Sales Dir.; Kevin Vetter – Sales Mgr.

The Veld Group entered main street Restaurant, Bar and Nightclub brokerage in 2005, when A.J. Wildeveld, Jacob Wildeveld’s son, joined the firm for a brief period. A.J. was a seasoned restaurateur who had helped bring the prominent Sambo’s coffee shop chain to Illinois, Indiana and Michigan in 1970. In 1972, A.J. launched “Fat Albert’s,” a Chicago based coffee shop chain that he grew to 21 locations. He also established 3 fine dining restaurants prior to selling all of the businesses and moving to Las Vegas in 1976. In Las Vegas, A.J. operated a number of bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos along with a number of non-hospitality oriented business including auto dealerships, a clothing company, and a number of sales and marketing organizations.

Ryan Clark, The Veld Group’s Sales Director whose father once owned The Lion’s Den, a 110,000 square foot restaurant and sports bar, taught A.J. the dynamics of the business brokerage industry. A.J., in turn, taught Mr. Clark ever facet of the hospitality industry. While A.J.’s tenure at his family’s firm was short lived, the knowledge he shared with Mr. Clark serves him until this day – as Ryan Clark now sells more Southern California Restaurants, Bars and Nightclubs than the competing industry leaders combined. With the unparalleled contributions of Ryan Clark throughout Southern California, coupled with Robert Rodriguez’s enviable industry experience and sales record in the Greater San Diego and Los Angeles markets (including the Spanish Speaking business sales segment), The Veld Group has added the hospitality industry as the latest industry that it has come to dominant. As a result of its significant marketing efforts, including historical sponsorship of the California Restaurant Association, regular contributors to the Western Food Service Expositions (with a trade booth presence, as well as by providing seminars and instruction to prospective business buyers and sellers) The Veld Group sold over 50 bars, restaurants and nightclubs in 2008, adding to the 100 plus hospitality industry venues it has sold since its 2005. In keeping with its tradition of gaining first hand knowledge of the core industries it touts to specialize in, The Veld Group partnered in the acquisition of Tink’s Entertainment, a 5 story, 45,000 square foot bar, restaurant, nightclub and live music venue.

Well known hospitality venues that The Veld Group has sold (or sold locations to) include:

Orso Restaurant, The Derby, Club Blue / Element, Jimmy’s Lounge, Masquers Cabaret to L.A. Food Court, Vito’s Pizza, Zita / Magnolia, Cafe 50’s, Rudolpho’s / Home, El Greco, Pinky’s BBQ, Cafe Boogaloo, Club Sachi, Margarita Rocks / Bar West, Wild Sage / La Puerta, Crush Bar, Daddio’s / Dirty Birds, Dino’s / Bar Pink Elephant, Game Time Tavern, etc.

As 2008 came to a close, The Veld Group’s Sales Director Ryan Clark described the firm as “a consulting firm that engages in business brokerage and sell side advisory services”. When asked what industries The Veld Group specialized in, Mr. Clark answered that at any time the firm has 70 bars, restaurants and nightclubs on the market, 50 indoor tanning salons, 15 manufacturing or distribution firms, 5 hotels, 3 service or retail chains, and a mix of 15 – 30 other main street businesses. We seek to sell solid, profitable businesses that offer a unique value proposition and have a sustainable business model. Oftentimes, the value of any company, large or small, may be hidden amongst its assets. It may be a company’s patents, client base, manufacturing capability, distribution network, licenses and use permits, or simply in its location, property, entitlements, or facility lease. “I’m currently negotiating the sale of a 40 year old magazine publisher (similar to Readers Digest) that is published in 4 languages, and distributed at 16,000 grocery store check-out stands in 12 countries. Despite its tremendous brand equity, the asset that the buyers are most interested in is the C-Corporation’s $2.6 million net operating loss carry forward and its coveted P.O. Box. While the value of any given firm is typically a function of it net profits, oftentimes profits only tell a portion of the story. I’m a strong believer that there is a buyer for every business, the key is to have the marketing resources, wherewithal, and determination to locate that buyer in every sale” stated Mr. Clark. It is this exact sentiment, which is shared by each of his colleagues, that has led to The Veld Group’s unprecedented track record of selling 82% of their business listings within their engagement period. Many firms boast higher ‘close’ percentages, however, they typically sell fewer than 12 companies per annum. At The Veld Group, each contributor regularly puts in a 60 hour workweek. “We’re not as successful as we are because we accept our client’s lunch requests and golf invitations, and we don’t have time to knock on doors” remarks Robert Rodriguez, CPA. “We’re successful because we sit at our desks 10 hours per day, speak to the hundreds of prospective buyers necessary to sell each company that we have on the market, and offer our sellers, prospective buyers and their advisors more industry-specific and brokerage knowledge than they will ever possibly find elsewhere”.


Officer Profiles

Michael A. Wildeveld

Michael Wildeveld, a high school valedictorian, holds a B.A. in Economics from Vanderbilt University, and an M.B.A. in Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship from the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. Michael is a Certified Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP) and a Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) with the Mergers & Acquisitions Source, a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI) with the International Association of Business Brokers (IBBA), a Certified Business Broker (CBB) with the California Association of Business Brokers (CABB), a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) with the Exit Planning Institute (EPI), an expert witness, and a member of the National Association of Certified Business Valuators and Analysts (NACVA). Michael has completed a co-authored text book, “An Introduction to Lower Middle Market Mergers & Acquisitions” and anticipates its publication in the fall of 2016.

Mr. Wildeveld officially began his professional career when he founded Value Line Maintenance of Southern Nevada at the age of 18. Within two years Value Line became Nevada’s largest maintenance company – it employed 35 professionals who serviced 53 commercial accounts (including the Vons Grocery Store chain and AM/PM convenience store chain). Michael went on to work in Finance for American Airlines, Internal Audit for ARCO Oil and Gas, Business Development and Strategic Planning for Virgin Entertainment, and “Buy Side” Mergers and Acquisitions consulting for G.E. Capital and Universal Pictures International in Amsterdam, London and Tokyo. Mr. Wildeveld has consulted for such prestigious clients as Queen Noor of Jordan, the Government’s of Jordan and El Salvador, The Landmine Survivor’s Network (a Nobel Peace Prize winning Non-Profit Organization) and Fred Alger Management (a leading New York based Investment Bank / Asset Management firm). Michael has lived throughout the United States, in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Japan, and has carried out projects in 19 countries throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and South America.

While first licensed in Real Estate in Nevada in 1990 while working in commercial leasing for The Ribeiro Corporation, Mr. Wildeveld has spent his professional career in a number of real estate related roles. Since being instrumental in bringing The Veld Group to California as a Consulting and Valuation firm in 1996, Michael has played a vital role in expanding The Veld Group’s suite of professional services to include sell side mergers and acquisitions and capital advisory services. In fact, since the company’s expansion in 2003 The Veld Group has become Southern California’s most successful business brokerage. With over $25 million in per annum transactions consistently completed, in just the first 7 years of operations The Veld Group has become Southern California’s premier business brokerage and boutique Mergers and Acquisitions firm. In his limited role as a broker and a consultant at The Veld Group, Michael has participated in the sale of over 500 businesses. Impressive as this may be by any business brokerage standard (this represents more sales than many heavily staffed 30+ year old brokerages), Michael does not claim the title as The Veld Group’s top producer! Since entering the Main Street Business Brokerage market in 2003 and the Mergers and Acquisitions market in 2007, The Veld Group has engaged in over 1,000 sell-side transactions.

Despite his busy schedule, Michael Wildeveld remains a devout entrepreneur and still finds the time to start new businesses or acquire existing ones. While the list of prior investments is lengthy and diverse, companies that Michael has owned/operated include a commercial printing firm, a variety of salons (which were typically part of his roll-up strategy to package like-kind businesses together to sell as chains to private equity groups, wealth managers or more sophisticated investors), and a 25,000 square foot bar, restaurant, nightclub and live music venue. In recent years, Michael took over as interim C.E.O. for a frozen food manufacturing and distribution firm that faced receivership. In 10 months Michael developed and implemented a nationwide turnaround strategy that included divestiture of non-core assets, market repositioning, as well as a new brand launch. The plan included a strategy to consolidate the fragmented industry by combining the firm’s East Coast competitor with the 3 Los Angeles based frozen food brands, together with 2 local leading fresh delivery services. While the industry roll-up plan was not ultimately consummated, the workout strategy proved successful. It not only allowed the company to maintain operations, but thrive under new management.

In addition to his professional and academic achievements, including being offered a teaching role at The University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, Mr. Wildeveld has completed a full marathon, studied mixed martial arts and remains a struggling yet dedicated golfer, runner, weightlifter, SCUBA diver, skier, as well a regular Kundalini yoga and meditation practitioner. In his quest to experience the culture of every country in the world, Michael has authored a portion of Let’s Go – Southeast Asia 2000 Edition, a budget minded student travel publication, and has managed to independently explore nearly 120 countries and all 7 continents.

For Additional details on Michael’s professional designations, experience, travels and resume, click here.

Ryan J. Clark

Ryan Clark, an entrepreneur, former world-class athlete, and likely California’s top business broker, is the Director of Sales for The Veld Group. Mr. Clark attended The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Finance as well as being elected president of his fraternal organization. Always extremely driven and focused, Mr. Clark honed his sales skills while still in high school, and went on to perfect them while in college when he launched of his own firm – R.C. Enterprises, a national direct sales company. After achieving substantial success and building a vast personal and business network, Mr. Clark merged his finance and sales background and joined Citigroup as a Senior Financial Planner for high net worth individuals. At Citigroup, Mr. Clark’s services included corporate retirement planning, investment management, insurance and estate planning.

In the mid 1990’s Mr. Clark accepted a long-term consulting engagement and relocated from Las Vegas to Southern California to establish the U.S. sales force for a multi-national sales organization. In this role Ryan implemented the business plan he authored and hired, trained and rolled out his sales strategy in the firm’s five Southern California locations. In 1999, Mr. Clark rejoined his childhood friends and family and accepted a position as a Senior Vice President at Veld Consulting. In this role, Mr. Clark helped develop the firm’s California sales strategy, hired and trained its sales staff, and transitioned its retainer based consulting pricing model to the needs of the California market. In 2003, Mr. Clark was instrumental in launching The Veld Group’s full-service Valuation and Business Brokerage division.

Within 3 short years of heading The Veld Group’s Business Valuation, Business Brokerage, and Mergers and Acquisitions sales departments, Ryan Clark established himself as California’s leading business broker. Regularly selling over 100 businesses per annum, Mr. Clark has managed to not only single-handedly outpace entire competing brokerage offices, but he has also managed to surpass the ‘done-deals’ transaction benchmarks set by California’s most seasoned brokers who boast 30 plus years of industry experience.

Ever so humble for his accomplishments, Mr. Clark attributes his extraordinary success to his strong support network which includes his wife and children, family and friends, his early entrepreneurial experiences, and to the discipline he developed as a former world-class track athlete, (while he would never boasts of it, Mr. Clark is a former Division 1 collegiate sprinter who once held records in the 100 meter and 200 meter events). This discipline, coupled with the internal balance that he has developed from his daily yoga practice, has propelled him to the top of the brokerage industry, where he suggests that “grace complements achievement”.

Robert A. Rodriguez

Mr. Robert A. Rodriguez is a Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.), as well as a licensed California Real Estate Broker with 14 years of experience selling, acquiring, merging and consulting businesses. Mr. Rodriguez received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego (U.S.D.), where he was a key contributor to his fraternal organization’s community outreach program. Mr. Rodriguez’s career began as a mortgage loan officer at Wells Fargo Bank, where he implemented and managed their Spanish Loan Hotline, one of the first of its kind. Mr. Rodriguez left Wells Fargo to join Howard Publications, where he began his accounting career.

At Howard Publications, Mr. Rodriguez was regularly promoted until he became the firm’s Assistant Controller. In this role Robert managed the financial reporting for 18 newspapers, 4 domestic natural gas trading divisions, and the Eastern European natural gas exploration division. During this time he also coordinated the acquisition of a $25 million publishing subsidiary in Washington, led the forensic investigation of a $1.2 billion natural gas trading operation (and, prior to the Enron scandal, discovered similarly fraudulent accounting practices), and consulted on various natural gas trading, transportation and exploration engagements in the U.S., Canada, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Upon Howard Publications sale (for $400 ml.), Mr. Rodriguez joined National Retail Partners where he managed a $400 million commercial property portfolio for California Public Employment Retirement System – the largest public pension fund in the U.S. (CalPERS).

In 1997 Robert launched Integrity Valuations and Business Consulting (“Integrity”) in San Diego, California. Integrity Valuations and Consulting specialized in providing small and mid-size businesses with accounting, tax, valuation and consulting studies related to growth strategies, tax planning, and the implementation of cost management and efficiency programs. Within months of implementation, Integrity managed the investment and financial divisions for some of San Diego’s most successful restaurants and nightclubs including the Side Bar, Stingaree and Confidential Restaurant and Loft. Mr. Rodriguez was also responsible for the creation and management of a variety of syndicated investment groups, all of which raised capital for the acquisition of commercial and private investments. The accounting systems that Mr. Rodriguez created and implemented are still used by the Gaslamp’s top restaurants and nightclubs.

In 2002, Robert Rodriguez merged Integrity Valuation with The Veld Group’s Valuation and Consulting division, which provided business appraisals for divorce, income tax, estate and buy and sell agreements, and helped business owners prepare for the sale of their companies. Upon taking the division over, Mr. Rodriguez developed the department and expanded its service offering to include expert testimony services in the court system to help defend business and property owners in eminent domain, or similar business litigation matters. Since merging Integrity Valuations, Mr. Rodriguez has led over 500 business appraisal and valuation projects.

Mr. Rodriguez’s most recent accolades include becoming one of The Veld Group’s most successful business brokers, where he has been responsible for over 100 business sale transactions to date. Mr. Rodriguez’s attributes his highly successful career to his extensive experience, professional approach, and diligent work ethic. Mr. Rodriguez spends his leisure time pursuing his hobbies and passions, which include international travel, golf, running and boxing. Robert also volunteers with a local organization that tutors elementary students in math and science. Robert Rodriguez is fluent in Spanish, and likely closes more California business sale transactions in Spanish than any other broker.


Affiliate Profiles

Vladimir Tuchinsky

Vladimir A. Tuchinsky holds a Master’s as well as Doctorate Degree in Psychology from the University of Kiev, in the Ukraine, where he practiced from 1972 to 1978. Vladimir emigrated to the United States as a political refugee in 1979. He worked as a paramedic in Oakland until he was licensed to practice in the U.S. He started seeing clients once again in 1982 when he established his private practice and worked for Pacific Gas & Electric. From 1983 to 1986 Vlad operated an art gallery he established in the Union Square district of San Francisco. In 1987 he opened a second Contemporary Art Gallery in Brentwood, upon his arrival in Los Angeles.

Mr. Tuchinsky became a full time business consultant in 1987. He started as a USA – USSR business liaison for Soviet manufacturing firms and a financial consultant for such prestigious organizations as the World Bank, US Aid, and The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development until the 1998 Russian Ruble devaluation. Vladimir maintained his private psychology practice until this time.

In 2006 Vladimir once again proved himself to be a true Renaissance man when he capitalized on the sum of his diverse professional careers and reinvented himself as one of Greater Los Angeles’s most skilled business brokers. Since this time Vlad has numerous accolades in the brokerage industry, where he has sold hundreds of main street businesses in virtually every industry, as well as middle market entities. While Vlad’s uncanny combination of medical industry and advisory experience provide him unparalleled expertise in health care business sales, Mr. Tuchinsky has transacted on business sales across all industries, with enterprise values ranging from under $100,000 to over $15,000,000.


Veld Law

Kristina Wildeveld

Veld Law was founded in 2003 by Kristina Wildeveld. Ms. Wildeveld, was admitted to the Nevada Bar in 1995, and the California Bar in 2003. Ms. Wildeveld, whose Nevada and California based law practice includes Criminal Defense and Family Law, has gained nationwide attention for the introduction of several state bills to eliminate capital punishment in Nevada, and for her successful defense of several high profile capital crimes cases including Conen Pope and Ted Binion, of Binion’s Horseshoe Casino. Kristina Wildeveld is Jacob Wildeveld’s Granddaughter, and Michael Wildeveld’s Sister.

On June 9, 2016 Kristina received the Nevada Defense Attorney of the Year Award.

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