Digital Marketing Agency w/Recurring Revenues – Founders Available to Remain!

Digital Marketing Agency w/Recurring Revenues – Founders Available to Remain!

Los Angeles, CA

Gross Revenue 
Potential Cash Flow 

This Digital Marketing Agency continues to generate highly predictable recurring revenues from its ever-increasing core client base that engages them for their digital strategy development and implementation, content and collateral material creation, social media advertising and management, professional photography, e-commerce (Shopify) websites and additional complementary services. The firm typically refers out Google related service categories that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Google Shop – which presents a buyer obvious growth opportunities if they already do that in house. The company has a solid group of 15+ recurring clients, none of which are in the same industry, nor create any customer concentration concerns.

Though the company has 3-month retainer-based engagements, the agency boasts stellar sales conversion rates remarkable client retention rates. Paradoxically, they do little marketing or self-promotion.

Accounts Receivable Included in Asking


This 5-year-old enterprise has developed tremendous client goodwill with their highly diversified client base that ranges from automotive dealerships to fashion, luxury consumer product and brick/mortar e-commerce online stores. The 2 founders had juggled multiple ventures at once in recent years but are now fully dedicated to remain with the agency’s new management as they are eager to not only help their bourgeoning company to achieve its full potential, but they also want to help ensure a smooth transition and continue client satisfaction.


While competition exists at all levels in the digital marketing space, this agile company is able to bring in new talent or outsource tasks as necessary to provide their loyal client base a full-service solution no matter what their need. This approach has allowed them to remain nimble with minimal overhead, yet present clients the resources of a much larger service provider. As a testament to their abilities, they rarely lose clients.

Growth & Expansion

This home-based agency liaised with its clients on a virtual basis before the onset of COVID19 and continues to. In fact, one of the founders spends an estimated one-half of their time out of state. New management can adopt this firm’s best practices or implement their own. Given the money being left on the table int web development, coding and Google related service categories, an obvious avenue for growth already exists by bringing these services in-house. Also, given that both founders are eager to remain on in an expanded capacity (they recently were also involved in another venture, but have since solely concentrated their efforts on the agency with great results), new management can capitalize on their sales and management acumen to close new client deals, oversee the resultant workload, and continue to deliver superior results at scale.

Support & Training

As negotiated; founders may remainu aboard!

Reason for Selling


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